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Eight in a 1,040 sq. ft. Home – or – We Need a Bigger Home!

busting at the seamsI can still remember looking at my husband and saying, “We need a bigger house.” At the time our family consisted of us and our six children (ages four to 13). And the reason we needed a bigger home? I hope you are sitting down…we lived in a 1,040 sq. ft. home.

Yes, you read that right. Just over 10 years ago eight of us were living in a 1,040 sq. ft. home. Tight quarters to say the least.

We had a detached garage with a room in the back that was like a bachelor pad for our two eldest, only they weren’t old enough to realize what this concept even meant. The bottom line was that we were ready to move up to a larger home, much the same as outgrowing a pair of shoes.

My husband looked at me when I commented on moving and said, “Call Tanya.” Tanya was a friend from church that we trusted. Tanya was a mother. Tanya was a real estate agent.

I called Tanya and we embarked on looking for houses. She helped me realize what I could afford, what I needed, what I had to have, and what could be upgraded later as our financial footing improved. Most importantly to me, she obviously had me and my family’s best interests at heart.

As we were looking at floorplans in the Northwest part of Las Vegas, we found one that seemed to fit our family perfectly. The only problem was that still having young children, and boys at that, we needed something larger than the traditional Las Vegas postage-stamp-sized backyard. Here is where Tonya came in.

I was ready to move on, even though the house seemed perfect. Why? Obviously the yards were much too small for us. Tonya simply offered, “Let’s stop into their home center anyway to just see what they have.” I’m glad I did.

In the home center they were able to tell us about a little area just off to the side of the community that had bigger lots, with a free upgrade if we finance through their lender…sold!

sold new house

This simple suggestion from our realtor ended up matching us with our perfect home. She simply could have shrugged and looked at her watch, but Tanya was invested in me and my family. She was willing to help me search for that perfect home, instead of impatiently trying to find a home that was a quick bandaid to our growing family’s need.

The result? Our family continues to grow as we’ve added three daughters in law and two grandchildren. We’ve had my mother living with us at one point and my in-laws at another. We’ve had nights that all the kids are out and the house is left to us, alone. And we’ve had nights, like last night, where we have two kids in their rooms, in-laws in a room, and a set of nephews on the sofas.

Our real estate agent helped us see our family’s needs at the time and account for where we wanted to be in the future. We didn’t upgrade some things at the time, just so we could have the square footage we needed later down the line.

And you know what? Life couldn’t be better.


Whether your looking to buy or sell a home for your family in northwest Las Vegas or another part of the valley, DaLea can help you take the next step to home ownership and finding a home. Contact her and let her help you navigate your way to the perfect home for you and your family.

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