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Las Vegas Homes for Rent

Las Vegas Homes for RentAre you looking for a Las Vegas Home to Rent? Have you gone through all the traditional methods and are still banging your head against the wall? Let a real estate agent help, for free!

Searching for a Las Vegas Home for Rent

Most homes for rent are managed by a property management company. Face it, most homeowners that want to rent their investment property don’t actually want to deal with tenants and collecting rent. They simply are willing to invest in property and are willing to pay another company to manage the rest.

The property management company then takes the property and lists it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so that individuals and agents can find their property in a central search location. But, this still can be a little tricky and you “learn” to navigate the search programs that interface with the MLS. That’s where a real estate agent comes in.

How is it Free to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Help?

When the property management company lists the property, they also offer a certain amount of compensation to the real estate agent if a person is successful in their application to rent the property. It’s normally around $200, so the agent is not getting rich by any means, especially after considering the amount of time that is spent with the client.

However, the big bonus to the real estate agent is two-fold. One, being able to match an individual to a home and having that person get the “I’m home” look on their face, that never get’s old. And two, it gives the real estate agent the opportunity to showcase themselves to you so they can represent you in the future. And if you refer any friends to the agent, what a bonus!

So what do you have to lose? Really nothing that I can see. You end up gaining a professional partner at no cost!

There are three things to do to get you started:

1. Decide what area of town works (Google map) for you and what your basic wants/needs are for your rental home (rooms/baths/sq ft).

2. Do a quick search in the area if you like (desktop or free mobile app).

3. Contact me to either look at the homes you’ve found so far or to help in locating your rental home and having me send the results to you. (Contact Me)


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